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ROC E6 core sports are wrestling and lacrosse. These two sports, featured below, are offered every year. This year (2009), ROC E6 boys will be introduced to wrestling, lacrosse, soccer, and flag football. Girls, on the other hand, will play lacrosse, softball, soccer, and tennis.

Wrestling, the world's oldest sport, is also perhaps its most diverse. There are several international styles of wrestling, and many areas of the world even have their own "folk" style. In the U.S., high school and college teams practice American folkstyle. Also popular in America are the Olympic styles: freestyle and greco-roman.

Unlike most other sports, competitors are paired by approximate size, weight, and age. This means that everyone, no matter how tall or short or heavy or skinny, has EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. It's a sport that teaches MENTAL TOUGHNESS like no other, and it's been one of ROC E6's core offerings since the beginning.

A great resource to find out more about wrestling and its benefits, especially in regards to inner city youth, is Beat the Streets in New York City. Another cool website to check out is, which shows the history of wrestling in Section V.

Is that a girl? Fredonia's Carlene Sluberski takes down her opponent in the finals of the New York State High School Wrestling Championships on Feb. 28, 2009. Sluberski is one of many girls across the country who participate on boys wrestling teams. Added as an Olympic sport for women in 2004, women's wrestling is a growing sport throughout the world. In both Canada and Hawaii, girls wrestling is its own sport. In 2009, the University at Buffalo is adding a women's team to their already outstanding athletic program.

Lacrosse has been tagged as "the fastest game on two feet" and those "feet" are rapidly moving across the country. Colleges and high schools are now adding "LAX" to their athletic repertoire as the sport gains attention in areas that knew little if anything about the game in the past (SOURCE).

It's a popular sport in the Rochester area among high schools and colleges, and we even have two pro teams, the Knighthawks and the Greywolves.

This is the second year of youth lacrosse in the City of Rochester, brought to you by ROC E6. Uniform and equipment is provided for free. Hurry! Space is limited.

Think lacrosse isn't for you? Think wrestling isn't for you? These sports are putting inner city youth in college faster than basketball or football!!!

The Boy Wonders of Lacrosse
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